About Us

VA Loans

We love and honor our veterans! That is why Fusion Mortgage Lending is proud to offer the best loan product on the market. VA loans can be done with no money out of pocket! 

Reverse Mortgage

We are excited to offer our newest product, the Reverse Mortgage. This product allows seniors to relax and never make another mortgage payment again.


​We offer a wide variety of Conventional Loans with terms from 10 - 30 years. We can even do 5% down without Mortgage Insurance!


​Our FHA rates are great, especially for first-time homebuyers!  Low down payment, no closing costs, what's not to love?

At Fusion Mortgage Lending, we pride ourselves on exceeding our customer's expectations in finding the best rates, service, and options for a home loan that's right for you. Whether you want the lowest rate possible, a large amount of guidance, or a more complex financing package, we realize you are unique and we'll work with you to  form a loan that is exclusively for you.

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